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Hi, I'm Kassandra!


I've always appreciated the world's natural beauty. Thorugh photography and videography I found an outlet to express feelings and questions I had about life while answering them. Today, those questions are still what inspire me to create.


Aside from my hobby of filmmaking, I am an advertising professional who can help your business build its brand through content strategy and video production. I also am an avid jewelry maker. 


Mission Statement:

The purpose of Chasing Passion Productions, LLC is to create a deepened understanding and sense of commonality between audiences and the human(s) on screen. We all have something in common - our humanity. Collaboration is a gift that we can all access. It is the way to learn about one another and ignite a better sense of human understanding. It is how we will unite the world.


That's what "Chasing Passion," means.


Artists and small business owners, contact me for your visual production needs! I'm so excited to start working with you on any projects you have in mind.

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